Poonam Pandey promises to 'take off her T-shirt'

Lock Upp contestant Poonam Pandey made shocking announcement in the latest episode of the captive reality show.

Poonam Pandey was seated with Munawar Faruiqui, Anjali Aroroa, Azma Fallah and a few other Lock Upp inmates

when she said, "Hello, Hello joh bhi sun raha hai iss charge sheet se mujhe bacha lo, I swear to God tum logon ko itna mast surprise, on camera live doongi

Tum log mujhe vote dekar bachao aur phir dekho iss jail mein kya hota hai

Lock Upp contestants were a little shocked to hear Poonam's announcement.

After a lot of coaxing, Poonam revealed that she will take off her T-shirt if her fans save her from nominations.